The Butcher’s Daughter


Linda Tierney, the combination empress and owner of Apotheke and Pulqueria, helms this shiny Nolita shrine to (mostly) raw veggie meals and fresh-pressed juices. The cafe lately mixed out an organized dinner choice developed by Buvette professional Joya Carlton, but the signature liquid mixes are really where it’s at. Sip down a “Mexican Sunrise” maize, jicama, cherimoya, organic aloe-vera, orange, calcium, agave, and capsicum pepper. While considering of sun-soaked times, or opposite what you did the evening before with a “Hangover Killer”  (young Chinese grape, blueberry, yuzu, soup, night primrose, and cilantro). The simple white-colored space creates the place experience like a collection.

butcher's daughter

19 Kenmare St. New York City, New York

+1 212-219-3434