Oasis Juice Bar


Here you’ll discover a cleaner and healthier juices and smoothies. Oasis Juice Bar, let the customer’s choose what they want to buy and the kind of fruits that will be made as juices or smoothies. If the customer can’t think of anything he/she want. They will create something unique just for the client. They have an amazing workers and limitless options/ingredients. Their juices and smoothies are one of the yummiest that a customer could ever in NYC. There are endless of choices in their store. Everything is created so nice and clean right in front of the customer’s eyes. The juices and smoothies are excellent, and there’s nothing better in the place.

3163 Broadway, New York City, New York 10027, United States

+1 646-590-0685

The Juice Press


“Smoking c”Smoking crack is the most practical fat decrease plan we know of,” moves one of the Juice Press’s obviously health-promoting post cards. Confused as to what medication have to do with advertising juice? That’s the idea. When the the Juice Media isn’t splitting sensible or starting up additional locations (there are seven in the town so far), it’s marketing some of the most delicious cold-pressed drinks around. The “Dr. Green Juice” — bananas, the apple, orange, cinnamon, and him, features like an entry into the world of liquid generate (it’s perfectly charming, with signs of continuous tartness), while the maca-fueled “14 Hour” system is a better pick-me-up than a double taken of coffee.

Jucie Press

70 E 1st St
New York, NY 10003
United States
+1 212-777-0034

One Lucky Duck


If the raw-food world organised a party (where flasks were loaded with liquified kale), Sarma Melngailis would be the evening’s king. The amazing owner of Gramercy’s Genuine Meals and Wine (who once worked as a advisor for Bain Capital) started out this kind juice bar in 2005, dedicated to high-end raw foods and juice, with a second location in Several weeks Market. The mixtures aren’t particularly innovative (expect veggies, beets, celery, and cinnamon in some variations), but One Fortunate Goose has hordes of enthusiasts. The Several weeks spot is across the road from Dairy Companies, with great traffic from designs on break from photo launches to confirm it.

one lucky duck

125 E 17th St
New York, NY 10003
United States
+1 212-477-7151


Juicy Lucy


A long time Eastern Town stalwart with little stores — more like shacks — in two places, Luscious Hannah provides beverages that are equivalent areas exotic and free really like. Guide in springtime with a fresh-pressed veggies combination or choose up a container of “Basic C,” a reddish-hued mix containing carrot, lemon, and “a ray of sunlight.” Pursuit it with a taken of wheat grass and lament the lack of the neighborhood’s genuine appeal.

A little juice will only cost you about $4 which is less than 50 percent of what you would pay at juice media, natural ave, etc. The canned cool media juice is $9 but the clean juice is so much better.

This place provides other products such as java, tea, shakes, cupcakes/muffins/cookies and broth. I have only tried one broth here which was the spinach cheddar and it was good.

Juicy Lucy

85 Avenue A
New York, NY 10009
United States
+1 212-777-5829



Nectar tends to serve the Brownstone Brooklyn mommy-and-me set. There may be nursing. But if that does not daunt you, it’s simple to stay in this cozy restaurant. If the noise stages increase, opt for the “Headache Blend” (apple, oatmeal, carrot, clothes, and celery) and perhaps a couple of headsets.

Two most affordable factors in their repertoire: hot candy, and bagels; prada, europe skip in abundance. Reasonable morning meal near the Met. Neither awesome nor terrible. Support was excellent enough and the meals is reasonably excellent. It won’t motivate you but it will do the secret to success on the way to the Met.


1090 Madison Ave
New York, NY 10028
United States
+1 212-772-0916