Melvin’s Juice Box

Melvin's Juice Bar

Melvin’s Juice Box is a Jamaican café offering morning hour meals, lunch hour meals, dinner hour meals, and organic fresh juices and smoothies throughout the day. Melvin’s Juice box is an always-sunny character, his feeling of health and energy, and his 100% organic as well as juices and smoothies. Their juice and smoothies products provide the full satisfaction and defensive benefits of organic juice to experienced detoxifying while also capturing the feeling of taste of the beginner juicers. The juices and smoothies here are more than just fluid multi-vitamins. They’re successfully developed and organize with such excessive and amazing choices that the customers will get through them just for the taste. Melvin’s Juice Box seems to be the best organic, quality fruits, great fresh taste, and healthy juices and smoothies.

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130 W Houston St, New York, NY 10012, United States

+1 646-588-5375