Oasis Juice Bar


Here you’ll discover a cleaner and healthier juices and smoothies. Oasis Juice Bar, let the customer’s choose what they want to buy and the kind of fruits that will be made as juices or smoothies. If the customer can’t think of anything he/she want. They will create something unique just for the client. They have an amazing workers and limitless options/ingredients. Their juices and smoothies are one of the yummiest that a customer could ever in NYC. There are endless of choices in their store. Everything is created so nice and clean right in front of the customer’s eyes. The juices and smoothies are excellent, and there’s nothing better in the place.

oasis map

3163 Broadway
New York, NY 10027
United States

Juice Generation

Juice Generation

Juice Generation depends on regionally grown, pesticide-free produced to make a made-to-order blends such as  Their objective is to  make a friendly, available juice bar where New Yorkers of all way of life, age categories, and health conscious New Yorkers could experience the exciting outcomes from a clean, raw juices designed with high quality ingredients, conveniently and cost less. Their juices and drinks are high in quality and deliciously clean. This is one of the juice bars that everyone would go drink the juices that they bought from their store and enjoy it deliciously.

juice generation

117 W 72nd Street New York, NY 10023

(212) 579-0400

No Ho Juice Bar and Deli


This is one of the best juice bars the customers want to go every day and say if they are looking for the best smoothies in city – this is the place to go. Best clean fruit and proteins drinks in NYC. Excellent staffs, the best value, and can create just about anything. If the customer want others to clean fruit juice for him/her without a juicer, they can create you one. Appreciate the various drinks using clean fruits and fruit juices. The employees are all helpful and beneficial and make your smoothie in a fast time. The drinks are really good. They create the customer’s drinks and they purchase it with clean components.

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208 Mercer St New York, NY 10012

+1 212-777-5070



There are a variety of clean juices and smoothies to select. There is also a show fridge complete of meals as well if you are not in the emotions for liquids. The workers are very helpful and attentive. Everything is right out front part for you to see as they make the customer’s transaction and the juices in the chilly on the part are almost awesome. The expenses are about what you’d predict from a juice bar, a little bit high but on par. Everything looks outstanding, clean, and great ambiance as it should since they just began out. Amazing organic smoothies. They taste good instead of flavored like organic things. They really have outstanding juices and smoothies.

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402 6th Ave New York, NY 10011

(646) 893-1019

Melvin’s Juice Box

Melvin's Juice Bar

Melvin’s Juice Box is a Jamaican café offering morning hour meals, lunch hour meals, dinner hour meals, and organic fresh juices and smoothies throughout the day. Melvin’s Juice box is an always-sunny character, his feeling of health and energy, and his 100% organic as well as juices and smoothies. Their juice and smoothies products provide the full satisfaction and defensive benefits of organic juice to experienced detoxifying while also capturing the feeling of taste of the beginner juicers. The juices and smoothies here are more than just fluid multi-vitamins. They’re successfully developed and organize with such excessive and amazing choices that the customers will get through them just for the taste. Melvin’s Juice Box seems to be the best organic, quality fruits, great fresh taste, and healthy juices and smoothies.

marvin map

130 W Houston St, New York, NY 10012, United States

+1 646-588-5375